About Baseball Genres

To no noble end, Baseball Genres is a hapless gumbo of baseball-provoked poetry; short fiction; short, short fiction; prose narratives; and largely feckless combinations thereof — all, unfortunately, by Dayn Perry. Somehow, content from this site was once featured on the Best American Poetry blog. It is otherwise a hootenanny of futile efforts, just like the sign says.

2 thoughts on “About Baseball Genres

  1. Dayn

    Apologies for reaching out to you. However, read your fact checking on the Commissioner and w anything I read I attempt to w no bias… Have to say, boy, would love to sit in the same room w the Commish and U as I’m not sure how he could or would respond to what u put forward….Very refreshing and thank u.

    Respectfully yours,

    Rog Hourihan

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